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At Carlos V Language School, our language academy in Seville, we offer English courses designed and focused on all kinds of learners. Depending on your level, profile and study preferences, you can choose between intensive and year-long courses. If you’re into languages, you find a wide range of courses within our academic offer: German, French, Italian and Spanish courses with native teachers as well as official exam preparation for English and all other languages.

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Languages for work

Carlos V Language School conducts employment programs in Germany through partnerships with various German institutions and organizations, providing  specific language training programs and complementary services…

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Courses 2019-2020

Register for the upcoming academic year starting on September. In our English and German language school, we offer a variety of academic and intensive courses as well as specific courses for high school and A-Level students…

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FP Dual in Germany

If you want to work and receive training as part of a project belonging to “The Job of My Life” (MobiProEU) program you can register with us soon. Just complete your registration and provide us with some basic information about you…

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Level test

Take our placement test to find out which level your are at. As it is an approximate test, we invite you to visit us at the school and take a free and non-binding speaking test with our English coordinator for a more reliable assessment of your level.

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Carlos V Spanish School, your english school in Seville