About us

The School of Languages Carlos V is formed by a team of professionals with over 15 years experience in language teaching and training for employment.
This experience is our value not only to teach a language, but also to help our students achieve academic and career goals.

What are Carlos V Language Schools?

The Carlos V Language Schools specialize in language learning, especially learning English, Spanish and German. English for being the most spoken second language in the world and being essential to complete a good education and German to currently get more job opportunities in Germany. Spanish is spoken worldwide and is the third most spoken languge in the World alter English and Mandarin Chinesse.
A specific methodology, proven learning process, small groups of native speakers to teach adults and an online campus that complements on-site activities, sample tests and exercises that teachers promote for learning, are the characteristics that differentiate our schools.


Our courses are designed especially to overcome the certification exams of different levels marked in the European framework and at the same time allow students to use the language in a professional environment, for leisure or simply to know the culture of each country.

About us