Our language school counts on a professional team to guarantee continuous and successful language learning:

  • Management, planning and coordination of the school’s activities.
  • Head of Studies, planning and adapting the different teaching programmes.
  • Educational psychology, counselling and academic guidance for all our students.
  • Educational management and administration, assistance to students and businesses in administrative affairs.
  • External assessors, offering the possibility of testing the language skills and having them certified by a professional other than the teacher.
  • Multidisciplinary team of native and non-native language teachers with a tried and true teaching method in accordance with our students’ needs and abilities.

Juan Antonio Bardón Rafael

Marketing and Sales Management

Yolanda Romero

General Management

Mónica González

Academic coordination

Noelia Murcia

Student attention

Jean Pierre Setzu

School groups

Safae Benhammou


Anna Chyczewska

Erasmus +

Antonio Gutierrez

Cultural programs coordination

Susana Llani


Victoria Rodríguez

Economic Management and Human Resources

Manuel Campos


Cathrin Becker

Students mobility

David J. Cooksey

English teacher

Linda Hannon

English teacher

Olga Kędzierska

English teacher

David J. Cooksey

English teacher

Birte Sanders

German teacher

Mari Carmen Cordero

Spanish teacher

We’re one of the language academies for English and German with the best future prospects in Seville, partly thanks to our team of native and non-native teachers.

Besides their certified experience, the teaching staff of Carlos V Language School is characterized by their empathy for the students, their didactic capacity and the necessary knowledge to teach students of all levels of the languages offered in our School.

Qualified teachers with a vocation for teaching and a positive, student-oriented attitude.