Italian Intensive courses


A1 Italian Intensive courses

Italian Course A1

From 24 January 2024 to 26 February 2024

25 hours

2 days a week
17:30 – 20:00 h
2,5 hours/day


B1 Italian Intensive courses

Italian B1 Course

From 16 January to 11 April 2024

60 hours

2 days a week
2,5 hours/day

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    Study Italian in our courses with native teachers. Learn the language at our Italian language school in Seville by taking Italian classes.

    Learning Italian enriches us both for its language and its culture. More than 65 million people around the world speak Italian as it is the official language of Italy, Malta, San Marino, Eritrea, Vatican City and Switzerland.

    For Spanish speakers it is an easy language to learn with 82% of its lexicon and vocabulary and its accent is bellissimo! Films, songs, cinema, literature, the fashion industry, art… but there are also many companies that value fluency in this language – FIAT, Alitalia, Pirelli, Olivetti, Ducati, Mediaset – so studying an intensive Italian course will give you more opportunities in the job market and open doors in international organisations.

    Italian Intensive courses