Languages for work

The Carlos V language school collaborates with different European organisations offering intensive German and English language courses to participate in the following programmes:

Practicas Languages for work

Work placement

FormAcadSup Languages for work

Higher education

CSAP Languages for work

Professional German

Our language courses for mobility programmes include the following complementary services:

  1. Assessment of your professional and academic profile. We confirm your language level and inform you about the different options of participating in mobility programs or selection processes .
  2. Translation of your CV and other documents. We help you to translate your curriculum, cover letter and degree certificates into the corresponding language in order to get your application ready in due course and time.
  3. Preparation for job interviews. If the program requires your passing a selection process, we prepare you for the big day and help you to pass the interview with the foreign company.
  4. Intercultural sessions in order for you to get to know the everyday life in your destination country and adapt yourself as quickly as possible.
  5. Official language certificate. In our language courses, we prepare you to sit an official exam and obtain an official certificate of your language level.
  6. Travel preparations. We advise you on the travel and accommodation options in your destination.
Languages for work