Erasmus +


Erasmus+ is a programme designed by the European Parliament in order to improve qualification and employability and modernize the education, training and work for young people. The programme has been approved for seven years (until 2020) and was granted funds of 15 billion euros. This figure reflects how engaged the European Union is with investing in education and professional mobility.

Erasmus+ offers different opportunities to study abroad, get training or work experience abroad, or do voluntary work in a foreign country.

The Erasmus+ programme supports cooperations and associations between institutions and organizations which foster the cooporation between the world of education and employment. Therefore, it creates opportunities to work abroad, study in another country or do an internship abroad by means of different scholarships and grants.

El programa Erasmus+ fomenta colaboraciones y asociaciones entre instituciones y organizaciones educativas destinadas a fomentar la cooperación entre el mundo de la educación y el del trabajo. Para ello, crea oportunidades para trabajar en el extranjero, estudiar en otro país o realizar unas prácticas en el extranjero mediante diferentes becas.




Erasmus +