The Carlos V Language School collaborates closely with different mobility programs in Europe. As both Germany and the United Kingdom and Ireland currently offer great employment opportunities, we mainly concentrate on these countries.

The programs involve the recruitment, selection, preparation and supervision of young apprentices and skilled workers in European countries.

Before leaving Spain, the foreign entities will help you with all questions regarding the recognition of your degree and qualifications, the search for accommodation in the destination city, the certification of your language level, the signing of your employment contract and other issues that we know are important in order for your arrival and stay to be as successful as possible.

In addition, before your departure, you receive classes not only in the language of your destination, but also in their culture, in order to ease the integration process. Moreover, many programs provide a Spanish-speaking contact person in the country of destination whom you can contact about all the issues that may arise once you are there.

For more information, you can register for the upcoming informative sessions that we are organizing in our school.




Mobility programs in Europe