Official exams

Once you have reached level A2, you will understand phrases and more usual vocabulary on topics of personal interest, as well as grasp the main idea of short, clear and simple messages. You will also be able to understand short and simple personal letters as well as communicate in a simple and direct exchange of information on everyday matters, although with certain difficulties to hold a conversation for yourself.

You will know how to write brief and simple notes and messages related to immediate needs or very simple personal letters.

Obtained level B2, you will understand extensive speeches and lectures and even complex story lines. You will understand almost all the news on television and programs on current issues, as well as most movies that speak at a standard language level. In addition you can read articles and reports also understanding the contemporary literary prose.

You can participate in conversations with a certain fluency and spontaneity, facilitating your communication with native speakers by actively participating in debates developed in everyday situations presenting clear and detailed descriptions of a wide range of topics related to your speciality in both oral and written language.

Once you reach level C2, you will not have difficulty understanding any type of spoken language, both in live conversations and in broadcast speeches, whatever the speed at which they occur. You can read with ease virtually all forms of written language.

You will take part in any conversation or debate without effort knowing fixed expressions and colloquial expressions and slang and you will express yourself with fluency.

You can make descriptions and arguments in a clear and fluent way, with an appropriate style according to the context and with a logical and effective structure that helps the listener and reader to focus on important ideas.

Official exams