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At Carlos V Language School we teach and speak all languages, mostly, and due to the high demand of our students, English and German. Individual or group sessions, year-long and intensive courses in the morning or in the afternoon, in our facilities or in the client’s facilities, to learn a new language or to certify your level, for professional or personal purposes, for teenagers or adults, university students and professionals – the characteristics of our courses are very varied and therefore we need different professionals for each case.

We also teach and speak Spanish at our school for foreign students who want to learn our language. Students travelling to Spain from other countries for a linguistic and cultural immersion or international students living in our country who want to start or improve their knowledge of our language.

The daily requests we receive from our students and clients oblige us to maintain a permanent selection process of English, German and Spanish teachers.

The three minimum requirements for teachers to form part of our team is being native speakers or possessing a native-like knowledge of the teaching language, experience and academic qualification.

Our language school consists of a young team of professionals with abundant experience that allows us to offer a great working environment along with modern and well-maintained facilities to make working with us comfortable and easy .

If you want to teach your language in one of the Language schools of reference in Seville and if you believe to have the profile we´re looking for in our teachers, we´d be happy to receive your CV and we will try to schedule a personal job interview when time allows it.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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